Akustik Asik

Ini adalah post promosi, harap maklum jika akan ada kata-kata yang terkesan “menjual”
*lalu disambit*

Oke, intinya, seperti yang kalian tahu (atau belum tahu, makanya sekarang gw kasih tahu), gw bermain musik, mostly akustik, termasuk yang ada di CD gw, TaleOfAName (tetep promosi dong). Nah, gw memiliki sebuah rencana, untuk membuat sebuah gig (atau lebih tepatnya sebuah forum kumpul-kumpul) untuk akustikan. Akan santai, gratis (untuk sekarang), dan intinya akustikan aja. Ada yang perform, ada jam session, dan sejenisnya.
So far, rencana gw ini akan dilaksanakan kira-kira pertengahan Desember.
Gw gak tau gimana bentuknya, gw gak tau akan berapa

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lama, banyak lah yang gw belum tau,


gw berharap, ada teman-teman yang bersedia membantu.
Kalau ada di antara teman-teman yang bersedia membantu (dengan keahlian masing-masing), baik sebagai performer, komunitas, atau konseptor, feel free to contact me on my twitter ya.

Ini sebenernya salah satu bucket list gw di tahun 2012, jadi sebenernya project egois, tapi semoga ke depannya bisa berjalan baik (siapa tau jadi rutin? :p)

Terima kasih, kawan-kawan! :)


Have you ever heard of “Tale of a Name”?
Yep, if you haven’t, that’s totally understandable. :p

okay, intinya, Tale of a Name itu adalah sebuah album musik (bukan album foto) yang gw ciptakan, berisi delapan buah lagu yang semuanya diciptakan saya sendiri. Jadi ceritanya begini…


Oke, ceritanya begini, CD tersebut sudah laku terjual sekitar 150 copy. Respon-respon yang gw terima dari para pembeli (atau orang-orang yang ngerampok
gw kasih secara suka rela, cukup positif. Tetapi ada beberapa input, seperti meminta instrumennya ditambah atau lagunya ditambah.

Kenapa ga ada yang minta lagunya ditambah???!
oke lupakan.

Jadi, berdasarkan perbincangan dengan beberapa teman yang saya percaya mengenai permusikan. Saya memutuskan untuk me-repackage si Tale of a Name ini. Dengan memperbaiki aransemen yang ada, dan menambahkan beberapa lagu baru. Iya, kebetulan ada beberapa lagu yang baru selesai saya bikin, atau lagu lama yang belum sempat masuk ke album ini.

So, saya mohon dukungannya, dan mnungkin akan ada beberapa orang yang saya mintakan pendapat mengenai lagu mana yang harus saya tambahkan ke album ini. Terima kasih banyak. :)

Tale of a Name, a promotional post

Hello, everyone.
Well, as you might have heard, “Tale of a Name”, my most beloved CD, has been produced for yet another hundred copy.

The CD is going to consist of 8 songs, and this is the teaser: Tale of a Name – Teaser by dwikaputra

Here are some reviews i found about the CD:

from Ladrina Bagan @MissBagan
from Cindy Lauw @cindylauw
from Roy Saputra @saputraroy
from Quarin @aquarinha
from Dara Prayoga @landakgaul
from Junita Kosasih @junitakosasih

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Here is a video clip of the song “Made My Day”:

if you want to order, just email your NAME, ADDRESS, POSTAL CODE, PHONE NUMBER, and TWITTER ACCOUNT to the address taleofaname[at]gmail[dot]com . :)

The price is 30k Rupiahs, btw.
Oh, and you can ask me to write you anything on the CD / the CD cover. FOR FREE. :p

Thank you everyone!
ps: if you can give me review on the CD that would be great, and i will add the link here. :)

Some announcements. :)

Hey there guys.
I’ve got some announcements to make.
Honestly, i’m pretty excited even though i’m just writing about them.

Okay, here goes:
1. #RasaCinta
As you might have seen from my timeline (i flooded my timeline with tweets about this for several days already), this is my book. I wrote this book altogether with 6 other writers, @saputraroy, @tlvi, @arievrahman, @ijotoska, @dwsbrt, and @popokman. This book is a compilation of several posts, consisting of short stories, poems, rhymes, and flashfictions. Myself, i wrote three posts, two of them are short stories “Sepotong Roti Bakar Coklat Keju” and “Mi Tarik Jarak Jauh”, and the other one is a #rhyme compilation, titled “Rhyme in Ice Cream Flavors”.

And the announcement is, there is going to be a launching for the book. And we decided to have it on the 27th of October, 2012. The place is still yet to be confirmed and it will be soon. Please do come, all of you. :)

2. #TaleOfAName
Yep, this, too. I know i’ve been flooding your timeline with posts regarding this for a long time. So, what’s the news this time? Well, there is a good news (at least for me), that the 100 CDs that i printed has been SOLD OUT. Thanks to all of you my precious listeners. And the real news is, i will print another batch, maybe another hundred, and it will be sold soon. So, please feel free to place your order, i will soon make a post about how to order.

But wait a minute, this time there’s a third news. I’m going to have a launching of this CD. It might not be much, it might not be colossal, but i will try to make it as good as i can. This is planned to be held on early November. Again, please do come. :)

3. #?
Yeah, this is still a question mark, i still can not give you the name of the news. But honestly, i am so excited about this news, that i can not hold my fingers from typing this news. There are two parts of this news. First, I am going to be paired with Sammy J from Australia, to perform in the same stage in JakFringe Festival, an international comedy festival, held in Jakarta, this November.
And second,
They are going to make me my own show!
Yes, i don’t know how to express this excitement of mine. I am going to have my own standup show, one hour. And i might be sharing the stage with 1-2 more comic(s), which i can not enclose in this post, but i will, soon, i promise.
Again, please do come, the show is scheduled to be on 10th of November, 2012, 9PM, XXI Lippo Mall Kemang. I will emphasize on this one, PLEASE DO COME! I will soon tweet about how to buy the ticket. I promise. :)

Well, that’s all i have to share to you for now.
Really, thank you for all your supports. Thank you. :)

#TaleOfAName Pre-Order

Hi everyone,

I might have flooded your timeline with things related to #TaleOfAName, such as my teaser here:

or the CD artwork like these:


And finally i decided to open the pre-order of the CD.  The CD itself will be done processed and produced in about 2 weeks (well, may be faster, tho, i hope it will)

The CD is going to be priced at Rp. 30.000,- during the pre-order (which will end at 31st of July)

But i am sorry, i can not send it via magical wishes, which is free, i will send it via regular postal / delivery service, so i will still have to charge for the delivery.  Or, a better way, if you can meet me, i will give it to you, those you don’t have to pay for delivery (yeah, that sounds good, no?)

So here are the steps:

1.  Send an email to TaleOfAName@gmail.com with the subject “Tale of a Name Pre-order” (without the quotes).  Write your name. Twitter account, and home address inside the content. What else should be written inside? up to you. You can write anything. 😀

2.  Wait for a reply, i will send you an email with an account number, your confirmation code, and the total amount to be paid.

3.  A super-important step, DO THE PAYMENT. 😀

3b. (This step is optional, but will surely help me out 😀 )  Send me an email, with the subject “Confirmation” (without the quotes). Write your twitter account, your confirmation number, and a screenshot of your payment (photos are okay).

4.  I will send you the CD.

Easy, isn’t it?

So… I hope you enjoy. :)

Another CD Announcement

Hello friends,

I told you before that i was making a CD..

The CD is a bit delayed, but there is another announcement to make here..

I’m making another CD, a project with my band “DREI”, and it is going to be launched soon enough.


i’m planning another CD, almost the exact same with this CD “Tale of a Name” i’m currently producing, BUT with a band version music. :)

Anyway, to sum it up:
–  “Tale of a Name” Bedroom version – Me, gonna be launched soon
–  “Eins Zwei Drei” – DREI, gonna be launched soon
–  “Tale of a Name” – Me, about to due the end of this year

I really hope you guys will love all three CDs i’m making. 😀

Thank you, guys! :)