#SocmeTwit – To stream or not to stream?

Instagram leveled the playing field with other popular social media platforms by publishing their Instagram Live feature. The feature has been publicly accessible for more than two months, starting November 2016. Youtube started live streaming in 2013 (and mobile live streaming mid 2016), Twitter acquired Periscope in 2015, while Facebook joined in the pool in April 2016. The million-dollar question now is: which one to choose?
Of course, each of these platforms has different features, as seen in the table below.


Anji (@DuniaManji), a musician/video creator who spreads his contents in all four platforms, said that he prefers Periscope, “Periscope is perceived as ‘lighter’ than other platforms. Also, you can click directly to whoever commented while you’re streaming. The title can be used as a description, and that’s a plus point.” Ario (@sheggario), a tech blogger/vlogger, preferred Instagram Live at the moment. “Twitter is too full of people; my stream can easily be overlooked. Facebook’s audience is too wide. I haven’t tried Youtube live, but I’m interested to do so,” Ario said, putting into account how Twitter users can follow more than hundreds of accounts.

Trying the features myself, I have to agree with Anji, I prefer Periscope. The main defining factor is how it can be shared easily: viewers can just retweet or quote the tweet containing the stream. Although Facebook has this feature as well, I treat my Twitter account as a publicly accessed account, while my Facebook account is “acquaintances only” zone. This means I can grow my Twitter followers indefinitely, while I choose my friends in Facebook more selectively. I joined Facebook a year prior to Twitter, but my Facebook friends stayed steady at 2,000, while my Twitter followers has reached 25,000.

Benazio, largely known as Benakribo, has tried the four platforms and agree that all of the platforms has its plus and minus. But ultimately, it comes to personal preference and follower base. “I prefer Instagram Live, mostly because I’m more active and I have more engagement there. Technically, Instagram’s quality is just OK, compared to Youtube where you can treat it professionally. But since it’s just a casual session, Instagram live already meet the needs.”

In Indonesia, 2016 was the year where live streaming apps rose. Names like Bigo Live, Balala Live, or Nono Live came to attention with their incentivized live stream scheme. But, it came with some weaknesses, such as the rise of inappropriate contents and the need to rebuild your follower base from zero. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have not been in the game of incentivizing live streams (Youtube has), and they might not do it in the near future, but live streaming is clearly going to be another big thing in a world that’s already driven by video contents.

For communications purpose, especially corporate or brand communications, the choice of live streaming platform will highly depend on the audience you want to tap into, because every platform has different characteristics. The important thing is to know your audience: where are they, and when will they watch your live session? Will they watch it directly, or wait for re-runs? Live streaming is a powerful tool, but only if you can use it well.

What do you think?

I Lived a Double Life, and I Regret It

this is not a story about how i became a secret agent and kill bad people.

This is a story of me, not admitting my passion, for the sake of “shame”.

Since I was a little kid, I have always been a noisy kid. I have always liked to connect with people. A lot of the time, it worked, and I made new friends. Some other times, it didn’t, and I have some new people calling me “that noisy freak”.

And I used to not give a rat’s ass about it.

But then comes puberty,
where “being cool” is something important. You started to care about what others think. You started to care about what society perceived you as. You started to care about what you really care about: self image.

And this is where things went wrong for me.

I started being someone I’m not. I tried to fit in the society. Going places where everyone has gone before, trying food people have tried before, and even doing things just for the sake of not being the one who doesn’t drink at all on a “Never have I Ever” game.

And then there comes what’s worse: professional life.

For the first few years (yes, I started working early), I have no idea where I want to position myself in society. Shall I be “the great one” that everybody looked up to? Shall I be “the invisible one” that no one recognized? Or shall I be “the shady one” that people hated but a way smaller group of people loved?

And I chose to be “the acceptable one”. I tried to fit in EVERY single part of society. When I got with the drunk, I drink like a camel. When I got with the funny ones, I tried to be funny. But most importantly: I have to still look like a super professional guy in the eyes of my authorities: My Family.

My family knows nothing that I have a second life. My family knows nothing that I have tried drinking way too young, My family knows nothing about my “side-career” as a musician, MC, and standup comedian. My family knows nothing about my girlfriend(s). I chose what to show to my family. And it ate me inside.
I can’t talk to my mom when i’m having problem with my girlfriend, or when a client paid my fee too late for me to pay my bills. Even, when I have to go out of town because of a gig in the other city, I always said it has something to do with work. “A client wants to build a factory in Bandung”, “the boss wanted me to do some site survey”, or “I’m meeting this new client”, are some of the best reasons I can think of. And honestly, they suck.

I lived in a constant fear of being found out. What if my mom’s relative or colleague watched my performance by chance? What if one of my drinking session got busted by a drunk colleague? So I built lies on top of lies, and it got more and more elaborate. It really felt like I have two personalities. No, TWO DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS.

Until one day I decided to come clean.

“Mom, I’ve been doing standup comedy”
“Huh? what’s that? Hahahaha”

“Also, I’ve been playing music professionally”
“Wow, You got paid for music? are you famous? Hahaha”

“Mom, I have a girlfriend”
“She better be pretty…. and Chinese. Hahahaha”

*these three statements happened on different days, months apart, because I need to muster my courage, bit by bit*

And I was stunned.
It turns out, I don’t need to hide ANYTHING. Not from my mom.
Mothers do not just listen. They understand. They accept.

Those days were the days I slowly break the wall of lies, and every honesty made me live my life better, and enjoyed it more.

It’s okay to feel like you disappoint your loved ones, but you never know what they really feel unless you tell them. I felt like I disappointed her when I chose a career path out of my academic background. I cried a little when I was about to tell her that i’m choosing communications as my career, despite of my shiny diploma from Informatics.

“Does that make you happy?”
“…Yes. This is what I want to do”
“Then do it. As long as you’re happy, that’s what matters. I can only nurture you so far, until you can make your own decisions.”

That was the day I decided to not live a second life.
And I think you should, too.

Our life, is ours and ours alone.
It DOES affect people around us, but in the end, you’re the one who lives it.
Live life, love life.

Kotak bernama Kenangan

Sabtu sore.

Atau malam Minggu, tergantung paham mana yang kamu anut.


Bagian yang paling “overrated” dari sebuah pekan, menurut saya.

Terlebih saat ini, ketika saya sedang tidak memiliki pacar.

Atau kekasih, tergantung paham mana yang kamu anut.


Malam Minggu kali ini saya habiskan dengan duduk-duduk santai di rumah. Sebuah kantong plastik yang tadinya penuh keripik kentang, kini sudah hampir kosong. Sisa sekitar dua jumput remah-remah yang menawarkan rasa barbekyu. Nafsu makan, alias sifat rakus, membuat saya hampir menuang seluruhnya ke tangan dan menjilati jari satu persatu.

Untungnya, atau sialnya, suara langkah kaki mendekat, disertai suara gelegar “heh! lagi batuk!” Kantong pun terjatuh ke lantai, tidak bisa melawan gaya gravitasi, dan membuat sebagian besar remah berserak di lantai kayu. “Bantuin beresin rumah! daripada bengang-bengong enggak penting begitu!”

Tanpa berkata-kata, saya berdiri dan mengedarkan pandangan ke sekeliling. Tidak ada yang terlihat berantakan, selain si kantong keripik tidak bersalah yang baru saja saya campakkan. Tapi saya tahu, tidak ada gunanya melawan wanita yang melahirkan saya ini. Sekali dia berkata “bereskan!” berarti ada yang berantakan.

Mungkin dia bisa melihat hati saya yang berantakan.

Setelah membersihkan kekotoran di lantai, saya kembali duduk, dan merebahkan kepala di sofa kulit berwarna merah yang sangat saya gemari. “DISURUH BANTUIN KOK MALAH TIDUR-TIDURAN??” Gelegar suara itu kembali terdengar. Sepertinya benar, dia bisa melihat ke hati saya yang memang sedang berantakan.

Menuju sumber suara, akhirnya saya melihat apa yang dimaksud oleh ibu saya tercinta. Setumpuk barang dalam kardus berukuran besar, yang beberapa di antaranya sudah sangat lama tidak saya lihat. Mungkin sama lamanya dengan terakhir kali saya menjalankan ibadah malam mingguan. Ibu saya hanya berdiri di sebelahnya, dengan tangan terlipat, dan ujung kaki diketuk-ketuk dengan irama 3/4. Dari tatapan matanya, saya tahu, itu hanya berarti 1 kata: SEKARANG.

Beliau berlalu, mungkin berlanjut memasak di dapur kesayangannya. Saya ditinggal dengan sekardus penuh barang-barang purba. Saya duduk, dan mulai mengeluarkan satu per satu.

Sebelum memulai melakukan hal yang sudah saya tunda selama sebulan ini, saya mengambil dua kardus yang lebih kecil. Satu saya labeli “Masih bisa dipakai”, satu saya labeli “sampah”.

Sebuah termos yang tutupnya penyok. Sepertinya ini termos yang dulu saya banting ketika mengamuk di meja makan karena bosan menunggu makanan tiba. Saya buka tutupnya, masih baik. Tapi luarnya penyok. Masih bisa dipakai. Jersey basket di masa saya masih SMA, 8 tahun lebih muda, dan 30 kilogram lebih ringan. Terlihat keren, tapi mana mungkin bisa saya pakai lagi. Sampah. Sepatu robek tanpa tali, penuh coretan kawan-kawan SMP. Apa gunanya. Sampah. Pin band favorit sewaktu belah samping belum menjadi alasan untuk malu keluar rumah. Sampah.

Lima belas menit, saya sudah hampir selesai. Selama lima belas menit itu, hampir semua yang saya sortir, masuk ke kardus “sampah”. Ternyata sisi emosional saya sudah sedemikian beku. Barang berikutnya adalah sebuah dompet koin. Saya berjengit, karena tidak pernah melihat dompet ini sebelumnya. Kancingnya pun terbuka dengan satu gerakan cepat, karena saya berusaha mengetahui isinya. Sekali lagi, saya berjengit. Kali ini, bukan perasaan bingung yang menyerang, melainkan perasaan sesak. Sebuah kotak plastik bening, berisi sebuah cincin bertatahkan mutiara. Untuk yang satu ini, saya ingat jelas.

Cincin yang saya belikan untuk dia yang pernah mengisi hati saya. Pernah.

Tanpa saya sadari, ibu saya berdiri di belakang.

“Who did you buy that for?”
Saya kehilangan kata-kata. Saya berusaha menyembunyikan, tetapi terlambat. Cincin itu sudah berpindah tangan.
“She must be pretty special, eh? Who is she?”
Saya masih terdiam. Beliau tersenyum.
“You know what? She might be special, but i’m sure she’s not THAT special”
“what do you mean?”
Pertama kalinya saya mengeluarkan kata-kata.
“If she is that special, you are not gonna be here now”
“again, mom, what do you mean?”
Tempo bicara saya semakin perlahan. Karena saya setengah tidak yakin bahwa ibu saya paham pertanyaan saya.
“If she is that special, this ring must have been in her finger. Not here, with me.”
Dia meletakkan cincin itu di tangan saya, lalu sambil bersenandung “sepanjang jalan kenangan”, beliau berlalu.

Belum habis terkejutnya saya, dia berkata setengah berteriak: “If you have time to pout, you have time to go out!”
Saya mengejar beliau, dan bertanya sekali lagi, apa maksudnya?
“Kamu menghabiskan waktu terlalu lama untuk bersedih dan menyesali si wanita yang harusnya pemilik cincin itu. Ada kenangan yang pantasnya di dalam kotak. Ada yang pantas di tempat sampah. Pilih kotakmu baik-baik, Dik”

Saya kembali ke hadapan kotak tadi. Begitu banyak barang yang saya masukkan di kotak “sampah”. Saat saya teliti satu per-satu, banyak barang yang masih menggores senyum di bibir saya. Saya ambil spidol, dan mencoret tulisan “sampah”. Sekarang, kotak itu bertuliskan “KENANGAN”.

Saya tersenyum.

Lalu kotak cincin itu saya tulis “SAMPAH”.

Percakapan Skype Malam Itu



“Baru pulang kah?”

“Iya nih. hehe. Kamu?”

“Aku juga. Capek nih. Tapi udah mandi dooooong”

“Halah. paling juga mandi capung. mending aku, gak mandi juga udah wangi. hihihi”

“Buset. Jadi cewek kok jorok. HIH!”

“Tapi sayang kan?”

“Iya iya…”

“kok jawabnya kayak nggak ikhlas gitu sih??”

“iya sayangggg. aku sayang kamu~ lebih dari anak kecil rakus yang sayang sama potongan terakhir daging di piringnya”

“gak usah gombal”

“bukan gombal… kalau gombal itu, i don’t mean it.  And for that sentence, i actually mean it”

“gak usah sok bahasa Inggris”

“haduh, bahasa Indonesianya jelek kalau untuk kalimat tadi”

“terserah deh. songong dasar”

“…kok jadi songong sih”

“gak suka? ya udah matiin aja Skype-nya. sign out sana. Ngobrol sama dedek-dedek lucu aja di Facebook kamu”

“…buset -_-”

“apa buset-buset?”

“nggak apa-apa. terserah kamu percaya atau enggak. tapi aku sayang sama kamu.”

“siapa bilang aku nggak percaya?”

“lah tadi?”

“baca baik-baik, emangnya aku pernah bilang?”

“ya enggak sih…”

“nah kan.”

“i don’t know why. we keep on having these bickers. but that made me love you even more.”


“could it be that we are made for each other? i think the answer is yes”

(15 menit kemudian)

“kok diem?”

“eh, sorry. barusan Dean pulang, aku masakin air dulu”

“astaga, suamimu itu udah hampir 40 tahun loh, masih aja kayak anak kecil, nggak bisa masak sendiri apa?”

“heh, jangan bahas dia deh. daripada istri siapa tuh yang kalau sakit harus tidurnya ditemenin sampai tangannya nggak bisa lepas?”

“hehe iya iya. ya udah deh. Besok kita sambung ya, si kecil nangis nih!”

“okay… tapi…”


“i love you, too. despite all your ‘gombal’ and stupidity, i do love you”

“hahaha! i love you three! :p”

*Rocky signed out*

*Diana signed out*

don’t worry, this is a fiction.



Mencintaimu tidaklah sulit

Mencintaimu tidaklah sulit

Tetap tersenyum saat tidak boleh mencintaimu,

itu yang sulit.


Mencintaimu tidaklah sulit.

Hanya saja, tahu kapan harus berhenti,

itu yang sulit.


Mencintaimu tidaklah sulit.

Membuatmu merasakan hal yang sama,

itu yang sulit.


Mencintaimu tidaklah sulit.

Mencintai kesempurnaanmu dengan sempurna,

itu yang sulit.


Mencintaimu tidaklah sulit.

Mengusir bayang senyummu saat kita tidak lagi satu,

itu yang sulit.


Mencintaimu tidaklah sulit.

Melupakanmu, itu yang sulit.

Atau lebih tepatnya, mustahil.

Mungkin tidak sekarang, mungkin tidak juga di kehidupan yang lain.

Dan aku hanya bisa berdamai dengan kenyataan.

Bahwa kamu, aku , bukan lagi kita.

Some announcements. :)

Hey there guys.
I’ve got some announcements to make.
Honestly, i’m pretty excited even though i’m just writing about them.

Okay, here goes:
1. #RasaCinta
As you might have seen from my timeline (i flooded my timeline with tweets about this for several days already), this is my book. I wrote this book altogether with 6 other writers, @saputraroy, @tlvi, @arievrahman, @ijotoska, @dwsbrt, and @popokman. This book is a compilation of several posts, consisting of short stories, poems, rhymes, and flashfictions. Myself, i wrote three posts, two of them are short stories “Sepotong Roti Bakar Coklat Keju” and “Mi Tarik Jarak Jauh”, and the other one is a #rhyme compilation, titled “Rhyme in Ice Cream Flavors”.

And the announcement is, there is going to be a launching for the book. And we decided to have it on the 27th of October, 2012. The place is still yet to be confirmed and it will be soon. Please do come, all of you. :)

2. #TaleOfAName
Yep, this, too. I know i’ve been flooding your timeline with posts regarding this for a long time. So, what’s the news this time? Well, there is a good news (at least for me), that the 100 CDs that i printed has been SOLD OUT. Thanks to all of you my precious listeners. And the real news is, i will print another batch, maybe another hundred, and it will be sold soon. So, please feel free to place your order, i will soon make a post about how to order.

But wait a minute, this time there’s a third news. I’m going to have a launching of this CD. It might not be much, it might not be colossal, but i will try to make it as good as i can. This is planned to be held on early November. Again, please do come. :)

3. #?
Yeah, this is still a question mark, i still can not give you the name of the news. But honestly, i am so excited about this news, that i can not hold my fingers from typing this news. There are two parts of this news. First, I am going to be paired with Sammy J from Australia, to perform in the same stage in JakFringe Festival, an international comedy festival, held in Jakarta, this November.
And second,
They are going to make me my own show!
Yes, i don’t know how to express this excitement of mine. I am going to have my own standup show, one hour. And i might be sharing the stage with 1-2 more comic(s), which i can not enclose in this post, but i will, soon, i promise.
Again, please do come, the show is scheduled to be on 10th of November, 2012, 9PM, XXI Lippo Mall Kemang. I will emphasize on this one, PLEASE DO COME! I will soon tweet about how to buy the ticket. I promise. :)

Well, that’s all i have to share to you for now.
Really, thank you for all your supports. Thank you. :)