Kina Grannis in Jakarta – An Objective Met

16th of September, 2015,

will forever be remembered as the day I ticked the second mark on my “to meet” list: I attended the concert of Kina Grannis.

Why, you asked?

I started doing music on 2007. But at that time, i was never brave enough to actually tell people that i do. In my head, music is an exclusivity. It’s reserved for people who are incredibly talented and gifted, and willing to spend a fortune to do it.

But then Youtube happened.

I believe Youtube happened way later in Indonesia rather than in the US.  Exhibit A: the time i discovered the three people on that so called “to meet” list, they were already Youtube stars. The three were: Gabe Bondoc, AJ Rafael, and Kina Grannis.

I don’t even remember where or how did I stumble upon their channels, but I just did. And seeing their videos, I believe that they are talented, but I also believed that should not be the main focus. The main focus is the love of music. They loved music so much, they’re able to produce a very good one. And that, made me want to start doing music.

I ticked the first one on 13th of January, 2012, AJ Rafael Red Roses concert in Jakarta. And in 2012, apparently Kina Grannis was also coming to Jakarta, but I couldn’t come due to some circumstances.

When I heard she’s coming to Jakarta for a second time, I told myself to not miss it. Little did i know, a gig i took for the 12th of September got pushed back to the 16th, clashing my schedule. A contract has been signed, preparations have been made, thus a cancellation is not a possibility. I gave up, and tried my best to not feel down about it.

3 days prior to the event, I have no tickets. Because I think it’s impossible to attend the event. Then the phone rang.

The job got pushed back for yet another day. I can attend the event.

I tried buying the ticket online, but unforeseen circumstances prevented me to, such as blocked credit card and dead internet connection. When i finally can connect and cleared my credit card, the ticket purchasing site has been closed. I was desperately trying to find the information about OTS tickets, because the promoter was nothing short of the word “uninformative”. No information was posted online, not even about the move of venue (yes, the venue was moved to Teater Salihara). I found out about the venue through Kina’s personal account, and she (or possibly her admin) replied my question about OTS tickets, as well.

Desperately calling here and there (because I was still afraid that the tickets will run out), I contacted one of my friends that have a lot of connections, and finally,

“Dude, two tickets. they’re yours”

I jumped in joy.

Well not literally, otherwise my office would be rubbles now from being an epicentrum of a 4 richter scale local earthquake.

I came to the venue, which I understand is a very intimate venue. Upon arrival, there were NO posters or banners whatsoever. There is a paper, printed with the words “KINA GRANNIS LIVE. ELEMENTS TOUR”. Yeah. Seriously.

But i can see that the attendees (around 150-200 of them) were very enthusiast about the show.

The show?

I don’t think I need to talk about it anymore. It was perfection.

The show was opened by Jesse a.k.a. Imaginary Future a.k.a. Kina’s husband. His performance was stunning, with a hook in the closing greetings “Thank you so much”. His voice was soothing in a way, yet mesmerizing in another. Great stuffs, from happy song to sad song, he nailed it. Kudos.

Next up, Joel Tan a.k.a. Gentle Bones. The 20 years old Singaporean that I only saw several times before, blew the crowd’s minds with his setlist and his band’s distinctive performance. His voice was SO HIGH, it’s almost unbelievable. The music and songs he created were great as well. Carefully written lyrics and well made music were the harmony that completed his performance.

Then, the main woman of the night.

Accompanied by a three piece band (drums, keys, and electric guitar), she answered the hopes and expectations of the almost full room. She acclaimed how she has just arrived on the day before, having a jet lag, thus is unable to perform well. Apparently, she’s a liar. The performance was almost flawless. Despite the few moments where she seemed to struggle from a blocked nose, she was stunning. I. Can’t. Even. *channeling the 2010s kid in me*

But anyway.

The end of the event, a meet and greet was held. Little did i know that i actually have that chance (thank you, Mo, I really owe you a lot). Long story short. I had a chance to shake her hand. I told her how she’s my inspiration on starting music. And…

We took a photo together! :’)

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.05.31 PM

I’m a happy fan.

Happy. Joyous. Whatever you want to call it.

In a sense, this is a dream comes true.

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